Southtowns Walleye Association Annual Tournament

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2017 Tournament News

The 33rd Annual Southtowns Walleye Tournament dates are Saturday June 10th thru Sunday June,18th 2017.

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  Tournament time is just around the corner and the tournament committee has everything ready to go. All we need is for everyone to sign up for the tournament as soon as possible. We also urgently need people to sign up to do a weigh station. There are still quite a few openings especially for the Small Boat Harbor and Sturgeon Point as well. If we don't get them filled by the end of the May meeting I will be forced to close those weigh stations and I know nobody wants that to happen, so please sign up. There will be a weigh station training at 6pm on the same night as our general meeting in May and June. It is important for all weigh station volunteers to attend one of these training sessions. So get your boats ready and check your gear and let's have another great tournament.

  If you have any questions about the weigh stations ask myself or Don Mullen at the next meeting or call me at 716-462-9576.

Tournament Chairs:
Bob Fessler
Don Mullen

2017 Southtowns Walleye Association Tournament Sponsor Information
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