2015 Perch Tournament Results



The Annual Southtowns Walleye Association Perch Tournament was held Saturday May 21st, 2016. 170 members set out in search of catching 5 large perch and come in with the greatest weight. Under cloudy skies with low winds, many members did well. Others - well - maybe next year. Nevertheless, all were fed with snacks, hot dogs, hamburgers and , of course, a fine perch dinner. The winners were as follows:

Adult Division
1st - Ben Slawatucki 6.98 lbs
2nd - Jim Dolly Sr. 6.81 lbs
3rd - David Bieganski 6.80 lbs
4th - Robert Hollingsworth 5.78 lbs
5th - Dennis V. Stachowski 5.64 lbs
6th - James Senick 5.62 lbs
7th - Gary Marcinkowski 5.56 lbs
8th - George A. Szlzubewski 5.40 lbs
9th - Jim Plinzke 5.18 lbs
10th - Keith Wind 5.02 lbs
11th - Mike Jackson 5.01 lbs

Junior Division
Ben Slawatucki 6.98 lbs

Congratulations to the winners and all who participated in the event. As always, many thanks to all those that volunteered to "pitch in" and make this event a success

Jerry Lesinski:  Chairman
Tim Gaul:  Vice - Chairman


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Our group of members prides itself on being dedicated to furthering the sport of fishing on all bodies of water, with a clear focus on community and the outdoors. This commitment to preserving our natural resources for today and future generations is key to the success of our sport and the success of our community. 

With our annual tournament, scholarships, club events and dedicated sponsors we pride ourselves on our ever growing membership and continued drive to making the Western New York area a better place for everyone in our community, won't you join us and become part of what makes this a great organization.

2015 STWA Tournament Winner



Cody Allen took 1st place in the Southtowns Walleye 31st Annual Tournament
with a 12.35 lbs Walleye.


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The Officers and Directors of the Southtowns Walleye Association wish everyone a great fishing and boating season. Keep our Troops in your thoughts and prayers. We wish them all a safe and quick return. Hope to see you on the water and keep your lines tight!



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