2019 Derby News

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Our Official Derby Dates are:

Start: Saturday, June 8th, 2019 at 12:01 am
End: Sunday, June 16th, 2019 at 4:00 pm
Awards Ceremony: Saturday, June 29th, 2019

Hello everyone, This months article is going to be short and sweet, I hope that everyone liked the posting of the rules last month, I will post them again as we get closer to the derby.

Things are rolling right along with the derby plans, if you were not at the last meeting we introduced a commemorative lure produced for us by BayRat lures, this special lure is available at the club meetings for $9.00, if you catch the biggest walleye using this lure you will receive an extra $ 200.00 dollars, and we are still working on some other ideas for prizes for using this lure during the derby. I can’t wait to get this lure wet and see how it produces, I like the colors we came up with for it, should be a hot lure I think for this year.

We are in need of an enclosed trailer to use throughout the duration of the derby as one of our weigh station trailers, it would be parked at the Catt. location for the week and be used to keep the scales and other weight station items in it secure, so if anyone has one we could use, it would be appreciated, several of us stay where the trailer will be located so we will be able to keep an eye on it throughout the week, if you have one we could use, contact myself or one of the derby
committee members.

Staying on the subject of weigh stations, I hate to say this but we are in need of volunteers to man the stations this year, mainly Dunkirk And Barcelona, so if you could volunteer for one of these stations that would be a big help, we need to have at least 2 people at the stations to properly run them. When signing up for a weigh station please be sure to include your phone number and shirt size, as this year we are doing a weigh station staff shirt instead of hats.

Also for this year we are hosting separate training nights for weigh station volunteers, we are going to get a little more involved in the training with the use of power point presentations and videos to help get everyone trained correctly, unfortunately even being a past weigh station staff you still must be present for one of the training sessions, the first training night will be April 30th at 6:30 pm at the club, I’ll keep you updated on other dates for the training nights as they become available.

The committee is working on an idea of a bounty fish, this would be a fantastic cash payout to a person that catch’s one particular fish, I’ll keep everyone posted when and if we can put this extra prize in effect, just one more thing the committee is working on to make this an epic event.

I do want to give a big Thank You to all the dedicated people we have working on the derby committee, for without these people we wouldn’t be able to have such an event, I think everyone of them strive to make the derby better than the previous year, and this year things are shaping up to be an epic event for the 35th anniversary. And again I would like to give a heart felt Thank You to all of you for your help in bringing together one of the largest derby’s around.

Well that’s about it for this month, be safe and before you know it spring will be here and we’ll be getting the boats wet again, Till next month.

Thank you to All, Rob Kroh - Derby Chairman

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