2019 Derby News

Awards Ceremony: Saturday, June 29th, 2019

June Update:

I can’t believe that the derby is here, it seemed like it was so far away and yet came upon us so quick. We can only hope that the weather stays nice for those 9 days.

We are happy to announce this year we have 16 corporate sponsor days that will be drawn at the conclusion of the derby and streamed live on Facebook, listed below are all of our current corporate sponsors, which are also highlighted in your derby rulebook:

  • Amstar of Western New York
  • Anchor Marine
  • Bay Rat
  • Challenger lure or 3 D worm harness
  • Cisco
  • Eye Fish
  • Fish USA
  • Hi Tech
  • Hunting Valley Construction
  • Kishels Scents
  • Okuma
  • Simon Hawkens
  • SPX-Flow
  • Traxstech
  • Ultimate Outdoors
  • Warrior Lure

Make sure you mark the sponsors that you used on your weigh slip, but be sure not to double mark items. For example you cannot mark that you caught the fish using a Bay Rat and Three D harness at the same time. If this happens you will be disqualified from the corporate day, the exception to this is the STWA Derby lure and Bay Rat as well as the Ultimate Aurora harness and Eye Fish these are the only 2 lure products that you can double up on the weigh slip. Make sure to fill in all shaded areas on your weigh slips completely and clearly. If we can’t read it, you can’t win it!

All rules are posted in the Derby book and will be posted at each weigh station, also this coming June meeting we will be going over all rules line by line and clarifying any of your questions you may have. It is important to understand all of the rules, especially rule #12 that each entrant must reel in his or her own fish from start to finish. Example: Contestant “A” May pass off a rod to Contestant “B” prior to Contestant “A” beginning to reel in the fish. In a nut shell if you start to reel the fish in, it’s yours. The person entering the fish must have reeled it in start to finish.

Rule #36 on all Derby documents states that all shaded fields are required and must be completed for fish to be eligible for prizes.

I expect all entrants to be courteous to all weigh station staff volunteers or you could be is qualified as per rule #35. This will be enforced as we will not tolerate anyone being is courteous to any volunteer. With that said I hope to see everyone there for the June meeting.

The Sunset Bay Beach Bounty Fish, sponsored by Cabana Sam’s Sunset Bay Grill, is a $10,000 bounty prize to the first person to weigh in a 13.00 lb. or higher walleye during the STWA derby. If you are an entrant then you are already eligible. So if you catch a 13 pounder or higher get it weighed. You Must follow all 2019 Walleye Derby Rules and pass a polygraph test to qualify. Additionally, the entrant who catches the qualifying walleye must also weigh their fish in person to be eligible for the prize.

It is not too late to sign up for the Calcutta’s. The 4 day Calcutta sponsored by C. Guenther Deck Restoration pays out 90% and will pay the top 3 walleye per day Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th and Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th.

The 9 day Calcutta, sponsored by Curly’s Grill And Banquet Center pays out 100% to the top 5 heaviest Walleye of the 9 days of the derby (Not 5 per Day) and you can enter more than 1 fish in this Calcutta which has the potential to payout more than the main derby itself. Why get in on the Calcutta’s,? because you are just as lucky as the next guy, so sign up before the derby, just remember if you have already signed up for the derby you can still sign up for the Calcutta’s,. Just have your original entry form when you do.

That’s about all for now, see you at the June meeting and out on the water for the derby, and of course the awards ceremony June 29th at 4pm at the STWA clubhouse.

Thank you to All, Rob Kroh - Derby Chairman

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