Welcome to the Southtowns Walleye Association of W.N.Y., Inc.

We would like to think that our club is well known but there are a lot of non-sportsmen and women who may not know of us or the things that we do. We believe our activities reach out to everyone in our community not just sport-fishermen. We are not the typical fishing club please stop in and see us, our meetings are open to the public and you do not need to be a member!

Our group of members prides itself on being dedicated to furthering the sport of fishing on all bodies of water, with a clear focus on community and the outdoors. This commitment to preserving our natural resources for today and future generations is key to the success of our sport and the success of our community. 

With our annual derby, scholarships, club events and dedicated sponsors we pride ourselves on our ever growing membership and continued drive to making the Western New York area a better place for everyone in our community, won't you join us and become part of what makes this a great organization.

2020 Derby Information

36th Annual Southtowns Walleye Association Derby

Celebrating the 36th Annual Southtowns Walleye Derby

Congratulations to our 2019 Winners, may you all have tight lines and calm seas ahead!

Check Out our 2020 Southtowns Walleye Derby Page for the Latest News!

Support Your Fishery!

We have started a membership drive to increase the members in our club. If you have any ideas, please bring them to the meeting.

This is the start of a new phase for our club and you, as a member, should be part of it! With the purchase of our new building comes additional responsibilities for the Officers, Directors and the membership. There will be scheduling for events, maintenance on the property and grounds along with all of the events that our club runs year round. We need your help more than ever. Start the new year off right by coming out to the new club house and exercising your right to vote, for the people that will be in charge of this GREAT club for the next year.


The Officers and Directors of the Southtowns Walleye Association wish everyone a great fishing and boating season. Keep our Troops in your thoughts and prayers. We wish them all a safe and quick return. Hope to see you on the water and keep your lines tight!

Keep Lake Erie Clean

With last weeks observance of National Drinking Water Week, we would like to remind the people of Western New York how critical this limited and important natural resource is. With a clear focus last week across the country on the quality of our life sustaining fresh water supply, now more than ever it is critical that we strengthen our efforts in the prevention of large industrial wind turbines being placed in Lake Erie that will jeopardize the safety and health of our waters of life for over 10 million people regionally.
Sue Guenther

Stop The Placement Of Industrial Wind Turbines In Lake Erie!

Follow the Link Below and Sign The Petition And Help Senator Chris Jacobs Protect Our Region’s Greatest Natural, Environmental, Recreational, And Economic And Quality Of Life Asset - Lake Erie!

Check out our Derby Page or Video Page for our Corporate Day Drawings.

Check out our recorded Facebook Video Event that was held Sunday, June 28, 2020 at 11am to see the final winners.

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Did you know you can also find out the latest news  as it happens on our Facebook page. It has everything you need from current activities and products, to the latest on happenings in our area. Please be sure to visit and read the latest posts from our members!

Clubhouse Hall Rental

Do you want to host your next event, but don’t have the room?Our hall is a great space for Parties, Communions, Birthdays, Reunions, Showers and more! Call us Today to get Your Space Reserved Before its too Late: 716-827-8968
Lake Erie United

Lake Erie United

Get the latest information on Lake Erie fishing, gear and more in a community based forum. Both desktop and mobile friendly, you can get your information on land or on the water. Check it out today.

Boat U.S. Foundation

Do you know someone that needs to take the safe boating course or do you need to brush up on your skills?

The BoatUS Foundation has many online courses available to get you going on the water from the state certified course to gps skills, to rules of the road, electronics and more, signing up is easy. Learn More.
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