Bill Hilts Jr.: Wayne Doan’s big walleye wins Southtowns’ Lake Erie contest

Association’s annual contest for the 35-plus years that he has been a member. It took the biggest walleye he has ever caught to finally take home the $7,000 check for first place with a 12.56-pound walleye. He caught the lucky fish off Buffalo while fishing with his wife, Ann Marie. The pair were trolling out of their 254 Larson Cabrio named “Trickster3” north of Seneca Shoal in 45 feet of water, fishing in the 39th annual contest held June 10-18...

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Lake Erie Walleye Minimum Size Survey


Over the last decade, the Lake Erie walleye population has produced strong hatches resulting in increased numbers of sublegal (< 15 inches) walleye being caught by anglers. Most of Lake Erie’s walleye fishery occurs at depths greater than 30 feet, causing walleye to experience barotrauma. Barotrauma is tissue damage, including bulging eyes and a protruding stomach, caused when fish are reeled up from deep water. DEC is considering lowering the minimum size limit for walleye in Lake Erie from 15 inches to 12 inches. This would provide offshore anglers the option to keep previously sublegal fish that have a very poor chance of survival. This change is expected to result in a modest increase in harvest in some years as well as increased fishing opportunities for shore and harbor anglers.

Taking this very short survey will help us determine if a 12 inch minimum size is an acceptable option for Lake Erie walleye anglers.


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"Our communities here in Western New York enjoy and rely on the health of our Great Lakes"

Hamburg, N.Y. (WBEN) - 
Congressman Nick Langworthy (NY-23) was in Hamburg on Wednesday to unveil his first piece of legislation he introduced to the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

The bill titled the "Lakes Before Turbines Act" is part of a promise he made during his campaign to ensure that costly, unreliable, and environmentally harmful wind turbines will never disrupt the shores of Lake Erie.

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NYSERDA has released its feasibility study in regards to the Great Lakes Wind project. Based on this release of the study it would appear that at this time it is not viable to place wind turbines in Lakes Erie and Ontario based on several factors including and not limited to overall costs, supply chain issues, port access, inter-connects, site placement, fishery data, bird and bat data, human usage for recreation data and lastly contaminates from the bottom of the lake being re-suspended into the water column. More information will follow but this is the first step in ensuring the safety and protection of our Great Lakes resources for current and future generations.

Please find a link to the complete report here for reference below.

New York State Great Lakes Wind Energy Feasibility Study



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