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From the President's Desk
By Sue Guenther

As you read this article, you are probably preparing for the holidays. Christmas is a big deal in the Guenther household as I’m sure it is in many others. It’s not just about the gifts. It’s about the love, the friendships, the togetherness of families and friends. It’s time to look back over the past year and remember good times and bad, and focus on renewing friendships lost over misunderstandings. Let’s all take a few minutes to think about this past year and strive to be more understanding in the new year.

The sign-up sheets for the Sport & Travel Expo in March are out. The sheets for the Weigh Stations for the Derby in June are also out. Be sure to print your name and phone number on the sheets. For the Derby, also list your shirt size since the volunteers will receive a shirt instead of a hat for working the weigh stations.

Club elections are just around the corner. Nominations for open positions were taken during the November meeting and will also be taken at the December meeting. This year we have five director positions to fill, one Sergeant at Arms position, and the Assistant Treasurer. Due to resignations, we also have the Treasurer position to fill. The Treasurer position is important to the well-being of the club. If you are thinking about it, but aren’t sure, please feel free to call me to discuss it in more detail. As a reminder, all candidates should see Brian to get their photo taken and submit a short bio with their qualifications and what they hope to bring to the position they are running for. This shouldn’t be a popularity contest, but rather an election of members truly interested in helping the club move forward. Voting will take place at the January meeting. All dues paid members for the year 2018 are eligible to vote. Bring your membership card or a photo ID to the January meeting for voting purposes. 

Gun Raffle tickets are now available, and in December we start selling memberships and Derby applications. Entering early gets you in for Early Bird prizes right from the beginning.

Wishing all of you a joyous and loving Christmas!

Until next month…be safe out there!


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